Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Is this what you seek? If so, SWA is offering tools on your path to publication. 

Southeastern Writers Workshop will be June 19-23, 2015 at Epworth by the Sea on scenic St. Simons Island, Georgia.

The weekend workshop (June 20-21) is dedicated to fiction writing. The weekday workshop (June 22-23) is focused on nonfiction writing. 

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The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel
- The first 10 pages (double-spaced)
- 1-page synopsis
- 1-paragraph "elevator pitch."
- Any genre, literary or mainstream

The Past Presidents’ Romance Award
- The first chapter and a five-page synopsis
- Romance novels only

The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award
- Complete manuscript not over 3000 words
- Any genre, literary or mainstream

The Microcosm Award
- Fiction of at least 100 and not more than 500 words
The Vega Award for Speculative Short Fiction NEW
- Complete manuscript not over 4000 words.
- Stand-alone novel chapters also accepted

Lines of Worth Award
(in honor of Dorothy Williamson Worth and all she did to encourage poets at SWA)
- Each entry should be a collection of three poems, each up to thirty lines, not
including the title.
- Awards will be made to collections.

The Harry Rubin Award for Limericks NEW
- Submit 3 Limericks in standard form

The Julie L. Cannon Award
- Writing which exemplifies the southern spirit preferably in a subtle, nuanced, and
non-stereotypical manner
- 1,000 words or less
- Fiction or nonfiction, NO poetry

The Bill Westhead Memorial Award
- Complete manuscript not over 3000 words
- For the best short story with a subject matter of an event occurring during the
writer's childhood that shaped his/her life.

The Angel Award for Holiday Seasonal Writing
- Short fiction, poetry or essays of 1200 words maximum about the holiday season.

The Thomas Max “You are Published” Contest
- Prize is publication and 25 copies of the book with no obligation to author.
- Manuscript may be submitted in full or only first three chapters.
- A complete synopsis (3 to 10 pages) should accompany all entries. Approximate
word count should be included with synopsis, preferably 40,00 to 90,000 words,
fiction, non-fiction, or a collection of short stories.
- Do not send work currently under consideration by the publisher.
- The standard contract, which will be modified slightly to show that no money is
due from the author, can be seen by clicking here:
- Other details are available at or send
SASE to “You are Published,” P O Box 250054, Atlanta GA 30325

The Very Merrie Bosom Buddy Award
- Nonfiction up to 750 words about your best friend.
- This poignant true story must make the reader laugh and cry.

The Dr. George L. Sheppard Memorial Award 
- Nonfiction up to 750 words about a supportive sibling.
- This poignant true story must make the reader laugh and cry.

The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing
- The piece may be religious or secular.
- It should be wholesome and leave the reader with a “take away” message of
encouragement, hope, comfort, fresh motivation, or renewed spiritual strength.
- Complete manuscript not over 1500 words

The Cappy Award for Humor

- Complete manuscript not over 1000 HILARIOUS words

Got it? Wanting to network and make writing connections? 

Friday night through Monday night, beginning around 9 pm, SWA will host a “Step Away from the Page” Social. A time to relax and get to know your fellow writers and faculty. 
This is the "What happens at SWA, stays at SWA" part of the workshop. 

Tuesday night is Awards Night with an After Party to follow. 

SWA Members Shine!

Erika Hoffman’s story  "The Best I Could" will be featured in Sasee Magazine of Myrtle Beach in May.

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