Friday, April 10, 2015

Path to Publication with SWA

Is your journey of writing paved with good intentions? How do you get back on the path whenever you stop for a break or fall off it completely? How do you stay inspired and tenacious? 

SWA is here to help!

Southeastern Writers 40th Annual Workshop will be June 19-23, 2015 at Epworth by the Sea on scenic St. Simons Island, Georgia.

The weekend workshop (June 20-21) is dedicated to fiction writing. The weekday workshop (June 22-23) is focused on nonfiction writing. 

Click HERE and learn about what SWA is offering to you: 

* Win one of two scholarships!
* Meet The Faculty
* The Workshop Schedule
* Evaluation Categories and Guidelines
*Contest Guidelines 

Here's your faculty: 

Agent-in-Residence: Sorche Fairbank – Fairbank Literary Representation - 

Publisher: Maria McGaha – Dancing with Bear - 

Publisher: CreateSpace

Novel: C. Hope Clark 

Nonfiction: Don Vaughn 

Poetry & Flash Fiction: Chris Tusa 

Young Adult: S.R. (Shelli) Johannes 

Columns: Darrell Huckaby 

Memoir: Dana Wildesmith 

Is SWA really of  benefit to a writer? 

 Meet Sheila S. Hudson
Award Winning Author and SWA Board Member Emeritus

1993 Met Amy Munnell at local book club

1994 First attended SWA, won award for Inspiration and gained encouragement from Linda Tomlin  and Cec Murphey to launch freelance career. Completed course from Christian Writers Guild;  3rd Place for Inspiration SWA; 3rd place for Linda Tomblin Inspirational Writing Award.

1995 Won Honorable Mention for “On Forgiveness” from The Black Mountains Christian Writers Retreat sponsored by Linda Tomblin; 1st Place for Most Rejection Slips from 2nd Wednesday Writers; 1st Place for Most Outrageous Rejection Slip from 2nd Wednesday Writers, 1st Place for SWA Limerick Award.

1996 2nd Place for SWA Non-fiction and 2nd place for Children’s Literature.

1997 3rd Place for SWA Limerick Award and 3rd Place for Non-fiction.

1999 1st Place for SWA Limerick Award and 3rd Place for Inspiration.

2000 Two Honorable Mentions SWA Limerick Awards; Honorable Mention for Juvenile Writing; Honorable Mention for Non-fiction.

2002 Honorable Mention for SWA Limerick Award; 1st Place Limerick Award; Honorable Mention for Inspiration.

2003-2012 Joined SWA board as Assistant PP Editor. Remained on SWA board until 2012 serving two two-year terms as SWA President. Served another two-year term as co-president with Amy Munnell. I served as Registrar for many years and assisted Tim Hudson with his role as meeting planner.

2013 2nd Place for Bill Westhead Award; 1st Place for Holiday Seasonal Writing; and 2nd Place for Inspiration.

2014 1st Place for Humor Award; 1st Place for Holiday Seasonal Writing;  1st Place for Bill Westhead Award; 2nd Place for Inspiration; published 13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life in November with Dancing with Bear Publishing.

2015 Completed 2nd book – 13 Decisions That Will Transform Your Marriage with Dancing with Bear Publishers- due out in summer, 2015.

My husband, Tim, and I have been committed to SWA from day one serving in many official and unofficial capacities. The motto “writers helping writers” is a driving factor in our loyalty to SWA.

* * * 

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