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April's Anticipation

Greetings! I'm going to come out from behind the curtain and introducing myself. I'm Linda Joyce, Newsletter Editor/Blog Boss for SWA. Each week, sometimes twice I week, I bring you information about Southeastern Writers Association. 

The link to the newsletter is :   I'm asking you to share this link on your social media places, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Support yourself through supporting SWA. 

Because that's what writers do. They share information. They support one another. It's how we writers build a supportive community. SWA provides for the needs of writers. 

If you scroll down through previous blogs, you'll discover information about the SCHOLARSHIP that's open until 4/15. You'll learn about CONTESTS --these pay prize money. With your registration, you have the opportunity to receive critique from recognized industry professionals. 

Here's link for REGISTRATION and there you'll find links for ALL the information about the 40th Annual SWA Workshop. 
***The weekend workshop (June 20-21) is dedicated to fiction writing. The weekday workshop (June 22-23) is focused on nonfiction writing, which includes poetry. 

Why is SWA so important? 
Because attending SWA is a step on your path as a writer, regardless if you're published, as many of the members are, or at any other place in your writing path. 

Therefore, I'll be sharing Paths to Publication, the personal success journeys our some of our members. And, maybe soon, you'll share your story with me and I'll be happy to spread the word here...after all, SWA is all about supporting it's members--ALL of it's members. 

Please meet Dr. John House ~

Dr. John House

Without Southeastern Writers Association I would not be an author. A writer, yes. But not an author. 
I started writing poetry in high school and continued, adding short stories, into college and medical school and beyond. My medical practice was so busy I had little time to write. When I retired in 2007 after 36 years, I moved to Brunswick with a dream of full time writing. My retirement last three weeks(that's a whole different story). 

In 2008 I saw an ad (I don't remember where) about the SWA Conference at Epworth. I worked up my courage and applied. The first day I approached the front of Jones Auditorium  and promptly turned around and started back to my car. My thoughts were, 'what am I doing here with real writers?' and I truly planned to leave. Bill Westhead, a member of SWA, stopped me and after a brief conversation ushered me into the building and pretty much stayed close to me for the entire event. Bill is no longer with us but in his memory I established the Bill Westhead Award which is given annually. 
I have written and had published three novels since that first day. With the help of great authors and teachers like Cheryl Norman, Elizabeth Sinclair, David L Robbins, Buzz Bernard and Brian J. Corrigan, I learned the craft of writing and the importance of networking. WRITERS HELPING WRITERS. A fitting slogan for SWA. 

The second year I won first place in the short story competition. The next year I won second place in the same category. This gave me enough confidence to take on a novel and with Lee Clevenger and ThomasMax Publishing  SO SHALL YOU REAP was published in 2011 and I was a nominee for Georgia Author of the Year. I didn't win, but I was thrilled to be nominated and hooked on writing novels for the rest of my life. 

In 2012, Lee Clevenger helped me in the publication of CHOICES, a novel that took place in coastal Georgia and included some of my knowledge of medicine. 

For the next two and half years I applied things I learned from the SWA Conference and advice from other writers and created TRAIL OF DECEIT. I was fortunate to obtain Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacono Literary Agency to represent my novel and in February 2015, the book was published and released by Limitless Publishing LLC. 

I have completed and revised another manuscript which will soon be on its way to Emily Carmain of Noteworthy Editing. Emily has edited all three of my novels and does so much more. She has taught me POV and maintaining pace. I can't stress enough the importance of presenting clean and lean manuscripts to your agents. When Emily finishes the manuscript, it will go to my agent. 

So, it is obvious SWA was a turning point in my writing career. Not only for what I've learned in the classes, but also the networking. It was there that I met Buzz Bernard who has been a mentor, advanced reader, encourager and a friend. I also enjoy reading his successful weather related novels; EYEWALL, PLAGUE, SUPERCELL and BLIZZARD. His success puts pressure on me to improve my writing and I will definitely be at the SWA Conference at Epworth June 19th-24th, 2015. 
John House, Author 

* * * 

I hope you will share the news about SWA. Again, remember there's still time to win a SCHOLARSHIP. Please share this newsletter with your writing friends, heck, share with everyone because you never know who secretly harbors a desire to be a writer. 

~ Best Regards, 
Linda Joyce
Editor of SWA's Purple Pros
Author of the Fleur de Lis series.

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