Friday, May 1, 2015

Let Us Welcome You!

Southeastern Writers Workshop will be June 19-23, 2015 

The weekend workshop (June 20-21) is dedicated to fiction writing. 
The weekday workshop (June 22-23) is focused on nonfiction writing. 

Join us at Epworth by the Sea on scenic St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Want to meet an agent and learn inside scoop on how to draw attention to your work?

Seeking to meet a publisher? 

Looking for tools to grow your writing toolbox and polish your craft? 

Need the comfort of a supportive writing community? 

SWA offers all of this and more.

What better way to truly get a sense 
of SWA and what it has to offer 
than to meet it's members? 

Please meet Patrick Hempfing, SWA Treasurer

 and learn all about his path to publication. 

2011:  Attended first workshop in June with zero publishing credits; Honorable Mention, Young Child and Juvenile Writing Award.  In September, MOMents Magazine published my column “moMENts” and offered me a monthly slot.

2012:  Attended second workshop in June with ten publishing credits; Honorable Mention, The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Nonfiction.  In November, I decided to self-syndicate “moMENts” nationally.  End of 2012:  17 publishing credits (GA, TX).

2013:  Six of my contest entries placed (five firsts, one third).  Publishing credits at year end totaled 59, spanning ten states and two Canadian provinces.

2014:  Three of my contest entries placed (second, third, and honorable mention); Received SWA Board-sponsored Writers Helping Writers Award.  Became SWA Treasurer.  Publishing Syndicate published one of my stories in Not Your Mother’s Book … On Working for a Living.  End of 2014 publishing credits totaled 180, spanning 19 states and two Canadian provinces.

2015:  In March, “moMENts” reached its 20th state.  On April 22, I hit 250 publishing credits.

I didn’t know what to expect when I drove to my first workshop in 2011.  I left the workshop thinking, “A book deal is not going to happen overnight.  I need to roll up my sleeves as there’s a lot of work ahead in order to achieve my writing goals.”  However, I also drove home from the workshop as a better writer and with a plan.  I’m thrilled with my results to date.

In closing, I’d like to share a story from April, 2013.  I attended one of my wife’s work functions and one of the guests asked my occupation.  Instead of my standard response, “I’m a Mr. Mom,” I confidently answered, “I’m a writer.”  The SWA deserves a lot of credit in helping me become a better writer.  I only wish I had come across this organization sooner. 

You can connect with Patrick at

We hope to see you in June!
Don't allow this opportunity to slip away. 
Take action NOW!

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