Monday, July 25, 2016

Reblog: 5 Things Friday Night Lights Can Teach Us About Writing

     As writers, we gain inspiration from many different places. We read, read, then read a little bit more, exploring the authors and genres that influence our writing.  We have shelves filled with books about writing, showing us examples of how to perfect our stories and develop genuine characters with whom our readers can relate. What about other sources of fiction and nonfiction, such as television? Could great storylines in our favorite shows help us to write more effectively?
     Feast your eyes on this article from Writers Digest, which offers tips to create memorable characters and themes within our fiction writing through great television. An added bonus: they include a list of other television shows (one of my all-time favorites made the cut!) that may help to enhance our writing in a variety of ways:

"I think the general consensus among those writers who teach the craft is that you must read—and read widely—about the craft of writing, particularly those authors who write in your genre. But I think there’s a lot you can learn about writing from other mediums, too. Specifically television. Every other Monday, I’ll bring you takeaways from some of the best television shows out there. These are meant to be specific concepts, themes, techniques, etc., that a writer can learn from the show."   

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Southeastern Writers Workshop 2016 Highlights

    The 2016 Writers Workshop, held June 17-21 at the beautiful Epworth by the Sea, had something to offer everyone. Attendees, from first-timers to experienced alumni, were guided and instructed in a wide range of topics each day, including: fiction and non-fiction writing strategies, screenwriting, commercial writing, the publishing process, submitting a manuscript to an agent, and social media do's and don'ts.

   We shared laughs aplenty thanks to the many gifted storytellers in attendance, as well as the hilarious shenanigans of our friends, Janet Sheppard Kelleher and Mary Stripling.

   Open-Mic Night proved to be a great success.  Many authors had the opportunity to share straight from their hearts through personal memoirs, fictional stories, poetry, articles, and song lyrics.

    Purple was the obvious color of choice for the Awards Night celebration, as our key-note speaker, Janet Kelleher Sheppard, shared her moving and heartwarming journey as an author and a butt-kicking cancer survivor.


We would like to congratulate our contest winners who showed off their incredible talents in the following categories:

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel:
FIRST PLACE: Heather Trim for Child of the Sky 
SECOND PLACE: Stuart Clarke for Love Ruins Everything 
THIRD PLACE: K.F. Lange for The Darkly Painted Eye 

The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award: 

Dana Ridenour for Learning The Art Of Deception    

The Vega Award for Speculative Short Fiction: 
FIRST PLACE: L.A. Patrick for The Glowing
SECOND PLACE: Ann Bennett for Transfer of Deed 

The Julie L. Cannon Award: 
FIRST PLACE: Mary Stripling for Fishin’ For Love
HONORABLE MENTION: Sheila S. Hudson for G.R.I.T.S.


The Angel Award for Holiday Seasonal Writing:
FIRST PLACE: Sheila S. Hudson for I Wish We'd Made It to Christmas 
SECOND PLACE: Mary Stripling for Christmas In A Garden
THIRD PLACE: Ann Bennett for Family Dinner 


The ThomasMax “You are Published” Contest: 
Sheila S. Hudson for Classic City Murders

The Award for Inspirational Writing: 
Sheila S. Hudson for The Red Cap

The Award for Humor:
FIRST PLACE: Sheila S. Hudson for Red Hot Mamas
SECOND PLACE: Leslie Lippa for Dementia

Writers Helping Writers:
Amy Munnell

Amy was also presented with an engraved clock commemorating her more than 20 years of service with SWA. Thank you for all of your hard work, Amy!


    Thank you again to our outstanding instructors, faculty, board and auxiliary members, and SWA members.  The true spirit of "Writers Helping Writers" was shown throughout the workshop. Many new friendships emerged and important connections were developed. Your support and dedication is greatly appreciated!

Watch for registration information for our 2017 workshop, which will be held June 16-21!

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