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From the editors at Publishing Syndicate

We need your help!

We are fast-tracking the manuscript for Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Mom and need a dozen or so more stories to fill some holes. Thus, this special story call-out is being sent to everyone who receives the Wow Principles newsletter. We also post story call-outs regularly on the Publishing Syndicate Facebook page; join, if you haven't already!

Before we explain what is needed, it is important to understand that stories must focus on being a mom. Do not submit anything that focus primarily on your mother or grandmother or your own childhood memories. We need your personal stories as a mom. And please do not send in stories outside of the topic areas listed below.

We are looking for funny, silly, crazy and edgy stories submitted per the guidelines on our PS website. Disregard the past deadline information posted on the NYMB Mom page; we'll be accepting stories until we have enough, so send in immediately! Because galleys are scheduled to be in place by October 1st, the selection process for the last story selection round will be quick.

NOTE: We have enough essays for this book. Our preference--for this book and ALL of our NYMB books--are stories. Keep this in mind for future submissions.

ONE MORE NOTE: If you already submitted a story for the Mom book, but did not receive a Permission Release Agreement for that particular story, this means the story was not selected for publication. Please do not resend the same story. Thank you.
Below are the eight topics for which stories are needed:

Soccer Moms

We want to hear about mishaps getting your kids to practice, embarrassments while cheering your kids on to victory (or comforting them in defeat) and anything else involving the hectic lives of devoted "soccer moms." And it doesn't have to be just soccer-all kind of sports are welcomed.

Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Mishaps

Has your pride and joy tied the knot? We all know the day--and the planning leading up to it--probably wasn't perfect. Did anything funny or unusual happen to you as the mom? Tell us about it.

Working Moms

Moms have to keep a sense of humor when dealing with daycare mishaps and calls from the school principal in the middle of important meetings. Anything funny ever happen to you?

Talking about Dating and the Opposite Sex

We want our teens to enjoy dating, while being careful at the same time. Tell us about your talks, the "oops" and the good and bad experiences you've shared with your teenagers. Please keep in mind that while we like edgy stories and PG-13 language is OK, what makes a story funny is not how many "potty words" you use. Keep it real-the story needs to be funny on its own.

Volunteer Moms

A few brave souls among us offer to drive the kids' carpool or help out at our kids' school or sports and scouts activities. Tell us about school field trip you helped with that went awry, the class treats you made that caused a commotion or any other disastrous (but funny!) story that still makes you wince to remember it.

Spreading the News

Tell us how you found out you were going to be a mom. Was it planned? Unplanned? How did you tell the important people in your life? We'd especially like to read stories from single moms and adoptive moms and any moms who broke the news in a most-unusual and/or funny way!

Self-image Issues

Who better than Mom to help her preteens and teens through self-image issues like late-developing breasts or late-arriving menstrual cycles, acne or in the case of teenage boys, changing voices and the overabundance of, or lack of, facial hair? Unfortunately, us moms don't always get it right. Tell us what happened the first time you realized your preteen or teen needed to start using deodorant--NOW--or when you had to explain the different type of feminine hygiene products to your daughter. Please keep in mind that while PG-13 language is OK, what makes a story funny is not how many "potty words" you use. Keep it real-the story needs to be funny on its own.

New School-Year Angst

All moms go through it...again and again and again. Send us your funny stories about sending your child off to the first day of kindergarten, middle school, high school or college. Show us your angst! What went right or wrong? Or how liberating was it to have the house to yourself again and a very long summer vacation? Remember, submit a story--not an essay.

Again, here's the link to the PS site:

NYMB Submission Guidelines and Titles

There are also other books that need stories, so check them out when you visit. Thanks!

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