Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Harry - Tribute to Harry

Another Harry

This world could use another Harry.

Another Harry who
unlocks doors of the heart and
windmills of the mind.

Another Harry who
rescues kittens and writer’s workshops,
admonishes injustice, protects his family
and his country.

Another Harry who
squeezes pennies, holds onto nickles
and quarters
and chokes the life out of a dollar.

Another Harry who
sees into souls of lonely people,
laughs in the face of evangelists,
and lusts for earthy Bimbos.

Another Harry who
fights apathy with limericks and a butterknife,
whacks a breath of conscience into our indifference
and wears a hero’s hat.

There are many Harolds, Hanks and Horace’s
and there may still be a few Don Quixotes.
But what this world could really use is
Another Harry.

                                    ~ Cappy Hall Rearick

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