Thursday, August 8, 2013

I’m Just Wild About Harry

A newspaper column twenty years ago changed my life and rewarded me with some of my closest friends.  The year was 1993.  I was just beginning to show a few people my “scribbles.”  I published a couple of things and even got paid once.    

Tim, my husband and proudest supporter, handed me the newspaper and said “call this person”.  The person was Amy Munnell.  The piece was an article about a fledgling writers’ group meeting at the library.

When I did telephone Amy, we instantly clicked.  I began going to the group and later attended Southeastern Writers Conference.  Although it was at times a financial sacrifice, I know I wouldn’t be writing now if it hadn’t been for Amy, Cec Murphey, Linda Tomblin, and the irrepressible Harry Rubin.  When He made Harry, God definitely threw away the mold.

Fortunately for me, my grandfather was also a Lt. Colonel so Harry’s gruff exterior didn’t intimidate me one bit.  In fact I think it endeared me to Harry even more.  Perhaps because Harry and Dee had daughters, he seemed protective and almost affectionate to me.

When I first was invited onto the SWA board, Harry commissioned me to assist Amy in her duties as editor of the Purple Pros, to co-write columns, and all around fill in wherever Amy needed help.  I took this commission seriously and did my utmost to fulfill his expectations.

Likewise, when Tim assumed the role of SWA Treasurer he did so with Harry’s blessing, a plus.  Both of us respect Harry and his generous demonstrations of love for SWA and its goal of helping writers.  

Harry is a rare mixture of Teddy Roosevelt, Teddy Bear, with a smidge of curmudgeon – a blend that only gets better with age.  Harry, the Hudsons love you.  Because of you, our lives have changed for the better.

~~ Sheila Hudson

Sheila Hudson's work appears in Chocolate for a Woman's Soul series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Patchwork Path, From the Heart, Vols. 1 & 2, plus numerous periodicals including Costumer Magazine. She established Bright Ideas to bring hope and inspiration through the written word.  Sheila has also served as president of Southeastern Writers Association.

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