Monday, August 5, 2013

A Friend To All He Meets: Tribute to Harry

Harry is a friend to all who meet him. I recall sharing meals with Harry and Bill Westhead at the SWA Conference at Epworth and I knew enough to keep my mouth shut and soak up all the writing knowledge of those two wonderful men. I’m sure I’ve purchased and read all of Harry’s books and I’ve learned from his manner of storytelling. Harry’s presence is missed, as is Bill’s, but their contributions have helped SWA grow. I feel sorry for the people who will never have a chance to know Harry and Bill personally and I strongly advise newcomers to purchase their work in the bookstore so they can share in the love we feel for them.

~~ John House

John is a a retired physician, novelist, poet and short story writer.  In June, he became a member of the SWA Board of Directors.

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