Monday, June 9, 2014

SWA Writers Workshop starts Friday!

Have you packed?

The atmosphere of the workshop is casual. It's a beach resort community so shorts and tees rule. Just be sure to bring some nice party clothes for the Awards Ceremony. And you may want to try one of the fabulous local restaurants. 

Did you submit manuscripts for evaluation?  

You should bring a copy of each manuscript with you to the workshop. The faculty only have electronic copies. It may be helpful to have a hard copy available during your conference. 

Don't worry if you missed the deadline!

If you didn't submit a manuscript, bring some of your work with you. Agent Carlie Webber will be available all week to meet with attendees. Editor Chuck Sambuchino will be available Saturday and Sunday to meet with students. And many of the evaluating faculty will have extra appointments you can nab, plus you could have lunch, dinner or even breakfast with an instructor. Try to get all the feedback you can get from these professionals. 

The motto of SWA is "Writers helping writers."  That's why we do this, why these instructors are here. We all want to help you become the best writer you can be. 

We'll see you Friday!

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