Monday, June 23, 2014

A Round of Applause: Member News

Susan Lindsley, H.W. "Buzz" Bernard and Martha Phillips were semi-finalists for Georgia Author of the Year.  Susan was in the First Novel category for The Bottom Rail, placing third, while Buzz and Martha competed in the Fiction Novel category for Supercell and Carved respectively. 

Debra Brown's humor story "The She Devil" has made it into Not Your Mother’s Book . . . On Cats. The book is slated for release in September 2014.

Patrick Hempfing’s moMENts columns were published in the June issues of 12 regional parenting magazines, including Houston Family, San Diego Family, South Florida Parenting, and Suburban Parent (Dallas/Ft. Worth) magazines.  In May, the Chicago Tribune, Daily Press, Orlando Sentinel, and Sun Sentinel ran one of his pieces.  His columns have now been published over 100 times, spanning 17 states and two Canadian provinces.

We invite members to share news about their successes and activities so we can all join the celebration!

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