Thursday, June 19, 2014

2014 Southeastern Writers Workshop Awards Night

We wrapped up the 2014 Southeastern Writers Workshop with our Awards Night: Celebrating the Great American Author!  And celebrate we did!

Guest speaker Darrell Huckaby gave a rousing rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ragged Old Flag" and had us in stitches as he recounted his first forays into the literary life.  President Lee Clevenger introduced new SWA Board members, passing the torch -- literally --to (photo l-r) Meredith Brown - The Purple Pros editor; Patrick Hempfing -treasurer; and Sandra Giles - secretary/registrar.  Alex Christle joined the Board the next morning at the Board meeting, taking on the manuscript coordinator and webmaster job. Lee and Kay Eaton (also pictured) are retiring from the Board.

But the real stars of the night are our WINNERS!  We had 13 contests with cash prizes up for grabs this year.  Thank you to our contests sponsors for their loyal support of SWA!

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award For Novel - sponsored by H.W. "Buzz" Bernard
1st:   Behind the Mask by Dana Ridenour
2nd:   The Rose and the Spider by Z.J. Czupor
3rd:   Illusions by L. M. W. Bro
HM:   The Refugee Territory by Tiffany Chacon

The Past Presidents’ Romance Award - sponsored by Debra A. Brown
1st:   Harvest by Linda Joyce
2nd:   Between Nowhere And Lost by Alexandra Christle

The Edna Sampson Award Of Excellence For The Best Novel By A First Time Attendee - sponsored by Vicki Hinze, Cheryl Norman & Marge Smith
Behind the Mask by Dana Ridenour

The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award - sponsored by Adrian Drost
1st:   Bobby’s Battle by Linda Joyce
2nd:   Encounter With Yesterday by Susan Lindsley
HM:   The Bridge by Dana Ridenour

The Microcosm Award - sponsored by Charlotte Babb
1st:    Rivalry by Micki Morency
2nd:   Innocence by Dawn Burr
3rd:   View of a lifetime by Jody S. Herpin

Lines Of Worth Award - sponsored by Margaret Pennycook
Nonagenarians by Mary Stripling

The Julie L. Cannon Award - sponsored by Cheryl Walz & Frances Ruffin
1st:   To Fall Off The Mountain by Edward D. Anderson
2nd:   Me And Woot And The Redbone Hound by Susan Lindsley
3rd:   The "Write" Way by Georgia Mellie Justad

The Bill Westhead Memorial Award - sponsored by John House
1st:   The Legacy by Sheila S. Hudson
2nd:   My Personal Journey by Micki Morency
3rd:    From My Mouth by Patrick L. Hempfing

The Angel Award For Holiday Seasonal Writing - sponsored by Lee & Emily Sue Harvey
1st:   A Very Southern Tradition by Sheila S. Hudson
2nd:   The Most Wonderful Time by Patrick L. Hempfing
3rd:   Devilishly Good Skeleton Soup by Carol Dumas

The ThomasMax “You Are Published” Contest - sponsored by Lee Clevenger
When Darkness Fell by Susan Lindsley

The Very Merrie Bosom Buddy Award - sponsored by Janet S. Kelleher
1st:   Jonas Rules For Cats by Amy Wethington   
2nd:   Joy To The Fish That Got Away by Mary Stripling

The Award For Excellence In Inspirational Writing - sponsored by Mary Stripling
1st:   Grief by Micki Morency
2nd:   Broken Wings by Sheila S. Hudson
3rd:   Claiming Our Gifts by Candi Deal
HM:   The List by Patrick L. Hempfing

The Cappy Award For Humor - sponsor by Cappy Hall Rearick
Flower Power by Sheila S. Hudson

2014 SWA Winners!

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