Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tribute to Harry: The Limerick Man

As Lee wrote yesterday, Harry Rubin saved, then safe-guarded SWA for years after our director and treasurer mismanaged and stole much of SWA's money. It is a debt we can't repay, not that Harry would accept it.  So we are offering up this week of tributes to show our appreciation, admiration and love to the man who epitomizes the SWA mantra: "Writers helping writers."

Harry was known for his limericks.  He published a chapbook of them in the late 1980s, then taught classes on writing them for many years.  He also sponsor a contest until last year, reading the winning limericks at the awards ceremony.  So what could be a more fitting tribute?

Harry Rubin, The Limerick Man

He walks and talks with a cadence and rhyme
His thoughts creating limericks – so fine
These words rang true
As we walked through
St. Simons Island - once upon a time

~ Martha Philips

A Limerick For The Limerick Man

There's a lover of limericks named Harry
Whose skill with the rhythm is scary,
It takes him no time
To make up a rhyme
To tease every Tom, Dick and Larry.

~ Susan Lindsley

A Colonel Named Harry

There once was a colonel named Harry,
Who was often loud and quite scary.
Though his manner was gruff,
It was all a big bluff.
Harry was a real teddy bear-y.

~ Amy Munnell

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