Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Now that the tell-tale cigarette-after-sex metaphor is banished by the dying fad of smoking, it's impossible to tell at a glance, so . . . beg the question: 

Was it good for you?

Judging from the heavier-than-usual emails and thank-you cards that have rolled in since the conclusion of our 2013 SWA Workshop less than two weeks ago, it seems the overwhelming response - lack of cigarettes notwithstanding - is a resounding affirmative.

"Last year I said it would be impossible to top the instructors we had, but, sure enough, you guys did it again," was one sample of the gushing reviews that have come in over the past 10 days or so. Yesterday a card arrived at my mailbox - my home address, not the P.O. box handed out routinely - covered, inside and back, with praises for our team's efforts.

It IS a team effort. It's just a perk of the SWA presidency that most of the accolades land in my mailboxes (yes, I've gotten a couple of cards at the P.O. box, too) and inboxes (it's no secret I have multiple email addresses). 

I hope we can assemble a blockbuster workshop in 2014 that can draw a reaction similar to 2013.  You see, I want to go out with a bang. Next year will end my second two-year term as president. It will also mark eight years on the Board of Directors. I plan to step down from the Board next July. I'll still be active in SWA. I'll write columns for the redesigned Purple Pros blog, probably still be an annual fixture at Epworth-by-the-Sea, maybe even help out in the bookstore if I'm asked to do so. But the same people year after year putting on the show - regardless of how good the show is, well . . . .

Take a look at Congress. I rest my case for term limits. George Washington said eight years was enough. I'm taking my cue from him.

Another reason we want to make 2014 a very special year is that we're naming next year's workshop in honor of Harry Rubin. Those of you who don't know Harry have missed something incredible. For years, he sponsored a limerick contest just for the fun of it. Once upon a time, SWA's treasurer absconded with all the funds. Harry replaced those funds out of his own pocket to keep SWA going. He served as treasurer for half of forever thereafter before stepping down a few years ago as a concession to age. 

Now Harry is in ill health, and I call on every SWA member who remembers him to write something for our August Purple Pros blog. Hopefully our memories will bring him a smile.

~~ Lee Clevenger

Lee is the current President of SWA, an author and co-founder of ThomasMax Publishing in Atlanta, GA.

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