Sunday, July 7, 2013

Times, they are a changing....

The Purple Pros newsletter for the Southeastern Writers Association (SWA) first debuted in 1993 as a quarterly print publication.  Twelve years later, the Purple Pros became a monthly e-newsletter and now we're changing it around again.  

Welcome to The Purple Pros blog!

The Purple Pros has always had 3 primary purposes:
  1. Promote SWA, its members and the SWA Writers Workshop
  2. Provide SWA members with an opportunity to publish 
  3. Help writers develop their skills and grow their career with instructive articles, interviews and useful resources

So let's talk Submission Guidelines!

Our plan is to publish 1-2 articles, news items, columns, stories, poetry and more, 3 times a week. 

SWA members may submit stories, poetry, articles, news, photos (stand alone with a caption or up to 3 to be embedded in the submitted piece).  You can even submit a reblog article if you have a permission statement from the original blogger.  Make sure you include your name or pen name on all submissions. All posting will have a byline. A photo of you and 3-sentence bio are always welcome. You only have to send them once and I'll file them for future postings.

There are no deadlines except for special features so submit any time by email to

PLEASE PUT PURPLE PROS in the subject line.
WORD COUNT: 750 words max.
FORMAT: Attach a Word file (.doc or .docx) to an email.  Photos must be .jpg or.jpeg files.   No other files will be accepted.

Special Feature Deadline!

We are currently collecting stories, remembrances, letters, photos and limericks in honor of former treasurer, long-time SWA member and dedicated supporter Harry Rubin.  Harry is struggling with health issues and we would like him know that SWA and our members love him and are thinking about him. 

We plan to publish these tributes July 28-Aug 3. Please submit by July 24 and write TRIBUTE TO HARRY in your subject line.

If you have questions about subscribing to the blog or preparing a submission, email or use the contact us form above. 

Thank you and ready, set, WRITE!

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