Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The 2015 workshop had many highlights. Purple t-shirts. Special tote bags. New members! 

Everyone came away with knowledge and new writing connections. 

While there are many noteworthy moments from the workshop, I'm going to focus on one. Awards. Congratulations to ALL the winners!

2015 SWA Workshop Contest Winners

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel 
1. Weather Permitting – Jody Herpin--$60
2. My Friend Albert –John Sheffield--$40

The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award
1. The Boy Who Drew the Spidery X – Tom Jordan
2. The Rise and Fall of Superdad – Stuart Blandford
3. The Hardest Part – Sandra Giles
HM  Bullied to Death – Nicole Blandford

The Microcosm Award 
1. Color of Pain - $50 Kris Burnett
2. My name is Hana - $30 Nicole Blandford
3. The Diary - $20 Sheila Hudson

The Vega Award for Speculative Short Fiction
1. Lucifer – Amy Wethington $100
2. The World of Alphabet Soup (Was) Point of Departure – Diane Douglas $50
3. You Can’t Go Home Again – Stuart Blandford  $25

Lines of Worth Award 
1. Familial – Bonnie Tobias

The Julie L. Cannon Award
Two first place winners
       1. High Hopes – Susan Lindsley $50 each
       1. Yellow Bellied – Mellie Justad $50 each

The Bill Westhead Memorial Award
1. It Takes a Suburb – Sheila S. Hudson
2. Up in Flames – Elaine Cameron
3. Angel on a Bicycle – Kristin Burnett

The Angel Award for Holiday Seasonal Writing
1. Christmas at the Hub and Hubbub – 
Sheila S. Hudson  $60
2. Easter Always – Ardsley Ames - $40

The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing
1. Peachy – Judith Barban
2. Heaven’s Gate – Catherine Fendig
3. Looking Back – Elaine Cameron
HM – Find Your Star and Shine – 
   Cheryl Hildebrand

The Cappy Award for Humo
1. Don’t Flip Your Wu-ig – Millie Justad
2. No Sign of Relief – Cheryl Hildebrand
3. My Mama’s Teeth – Judith Barban
HM The Transparent Attack on American   
   Heroes – Stuart Blandford
HM On the Road Less Traveled – 
   Sheila S. Hudson

Edna Sampson Award
My Friend Albert –John Sheffield

For more photos of all the winners, please check out SWA's Facebook page

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