Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ReBlog - Guide to Literary Agents (July 10, 2015): 3 Common Author Platform Mistakes — Plus How to Fix Them

Chuck Sambuchino, a WD Books editor, author and 2-time SWA instructor, writes a tremendously informative blog on agents and publishing for WriterDigest.com: "Guide to Literary Agents." His July 10 blog features literary agent Maria Ribas of Stonesong discussing the importance of platforms and how to do them right.

"When you hear the word “platform,” do you feel dread or excitement? Do you see social media and blogs as forced self-promotion or as an opportunity for conversation with readers? It’s an important question these days.

"More and more, the theory of an author platform—the idea that an author should communicate directly with readers both before a book and between books—is seeping into all genres of publishing. Ten years ago, an author platform wasn’t even a thing. Five years ago, it was important for practical nonfiction authors. Five years from now? Well, my guess is that it will begin to matter more and more for fiction, too. Bestselling authors like John Green, Jennifer Weiner, and Maureen Johnson are showing what can be done when the wall between author and reader is torn down."

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