Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quiz time! And Connections for YOU!

Hey there! 

2015 is moving so fast. The SWA workshop will be here before we know it. Are you ready?

Quiz Time!

First question: How can you win a scholarship to the SWA 40th Anniversary Writers Association Workshop? 

To start things off on a good note, here's the answer to that question:

Submit a 300-word essay on why you should be selected to attend the Fiction
mini-workshop or the Nonfiction mini-workshop. You MUST state which mini-workshop
you want to attend--Fiction mini-workshop (June 20-21) 
or the Non-Fiction mini-workshop (June 22-23)

The entry deadline is midnight on April 15th. The scholarship pays for tuition
only. Please email your entry to with a subject line
of SWA Fiction Scholarship or SWA Nonfiction Scholarship.

Are you ready? Take the quiz and let’s see!

 What is the deadline date to ENTER TO WIN a scholarship to the fiction or nonfiction portion of the workshop?

How many manuscripts of yours can be submitted for FREE for critique after you register for the workshop?

What contests that pay MONEY are open for entries? 

Name as many faculty members for 2015 as you are able.

What is the name of the beautiful island where the workshop is held? 

This is an open-book quiz. Here’s where to find the answers: 

Investing in your craft and your career will give you the inspiration, support, and knowledge to keep on the path of writing success. Who knows better than another writer the pitfalls, potholes, and even sink holes along the way? Other writers. Connecting with other writer is an enjoyable part of a writer's journey. 


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One of the best things about SWA? You learn and grow in your craft, which leads to success! Every week, we share our member's success. 

SWA Members SHINE!

Patrick Hempfing’s moMENts column titled “Leprechauns, Pots of Gold, and Clovers” was published in the March issue of eleven regional parenting magazines, spanning seven states (NY, OH, NC, SC, TX, ID, and CA).  About Families (PA), South Florida Parenting, and four newspapers (Capital Gazette, Carroll County Times, Orlando Sentinel, and Sun Sentinel) published “Happy Reading.”  His moMENts column has now reached 20 states and two Canadian provinces.

We hope to see you at the SWA workshop in June!

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