Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Don't miss this opportunity! Scholarship Deadline closing in fast!

APRIL 15th! It's more than a tax deadline. 

It's also the deadline for scholarship entries! 

★☆★ WRITERS ★☆★

Win one of two scholarships to the SWA Writers Workshop!
SWA is offering two scholarships. One for the Fiction mini-workshop (June 20-21)
and one for the Non-Fiction mini-workshop (June 22-23)

Just submit a 300-word essay on why you should be selected to attend the Fiction
mini-workshop or the Nonfiction mini-workshop. You MUST state which miniworkshop
you want to attend.

The entry deadline is midnight on April 15th. The scholarship pays for tuition
only. Please email your entry to with a subject line
of SWA Fiction Scholarship or SWA Nonfiction Scholarship.

JOIN US FOR the 40th SWA Writers Workshop!

Faculty for 2015

Agent-in-Residence: Sorche Fairbank – Fairbank Literary Representation -

Publisher: Maria McGaha – Dancing with Bear -

Publisher: CreateSpace -

Novel: C. Hope Clark -

Nonfiction: Don Vaughn –

Poetry & Flash Fiction: Chris Tusa -

Young Adult: S.R. (Shelli) Johannes -

Columns: Darrell Huckaby -

Memoir: Dana Wildesmith -

SWA Members SHINE!

Buzz Bernard's newest book is making headlines! Here's an excerpt from Buzz's blog: 


There are no wolves in the southern Appalachians.  There probably haven’t been in over a century.
They do, however, make a guest appearance in my most recent novel, Blizzard.  In the book, I think I adequately explain their presence.  What’s more interesting, perhaps, is how the animals made their way into the story in the first place.
It started in Germany. 


Southeastern Writers Association vice president, Buzz Bernard, has won his second "Eppie." SUPERCELL is the winner of the 2015 EPIC eBook Award, Suspense/Thriller category.  Buzz's novel PLAGUE won in the same category last year.


Don't forget to send in your scholarship submission!

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