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Rockin' and Rollin' -- Register NOW

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What steps are you taking to make your work shine?
Reading a new “How-To” book on writing? Meeting your daily or weekly word count? Immersing yourself in Social Media to promote you work?

Want to kick it up a notch? We have an opportunity for you. 
The 2015 Southeastern Writers Association 40th Anniversary Workshop! 
Registration is now open. 

Don’t wait. Register now to ensure your seat.

Why? The workshop could change your life. 
Think that’s dramatic? Poetic license rather than truth? You’d be wrong.

There are many returning writers ready to share their success stories, and help you reach your writing goals. Reading the Applause section below is evidence of what SWA can do for you.

Each week in the Purple Prose, we are highlighting a faculty member and some aspect of the workshop, so keep reading below.

Members of SWA Shine!

Patrick Hempfing’s moMENts column titled “The Humbling Workout” was published in the January issue of eight regional parenting magazines, spanning seven states (NY, PA, NC, FL, TX, WI and CA), and five newspapers (Capital Gazette, Carroll County Times, CTnow, Orlando Sentinel, and Sun Sentinel). Idaho Family Magazine and New York Parenting (Manhattan Family, Brooklyn Family, Queens Family, Bronx/Riverdale Family, and Staten Island Family) published “Windows and Wheels” in their January issue. Patrick first attended SWA in 2011.

Amy Wethington:  “I’m excited to say I signed a two book contract with Parkgate Press LLC for my science fiction book, PROJECT PARANORMAL and a sequel under the pen name: L. A. Patrick. Submission date is March 31, also my birthday. Print release is expected in the fall of 2015 followed by an eBook release three to nine months later. This is the same book that won The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel, second place at SWA two summers ago (earlier draft, different title: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS). The journey from idea conception to book contract offer was a long and arduous one made easier by SWA’s “writers helping writers” motto.”

Linda Joyce is thrilled to announce that she signed a contract for two more books with The Wild Rose Press, bringing her total to five. Linda is also a national speaker and has resumed facilitating workshops. She recently presented SMART-R Goals to Writing Success for a group of published authors. Linda is a returning student of SWA.

My Twenty-Year Overnight Success By: Sheila S. Hudson

In June 1993, I strolled into Miss Ellie’s at Epworth-by-the-Sea to register for my first Southeastern Writers’ Workshop. I had published a few articles and was ready to get serious about writing. My husband encouraged me to answer an ad in the Athens Banner Herald about a writer’s group. Voila! I met Amy in that group and made it to SWA the following summer. Those two events changed my life.

Like most writers I have discovered, I am shy. If left to myself, I would sit tapping away at the computer and never go out. Though my rejections would wall paper a room, I acted as if I believed it when I said, “I am a writer” in my first class—Inspirational Writing with Cec Murphey.

The encouragement I received that first year plus the friendships I made have stayed with me. I describe SWA as writer’s camp because every year is like a reunion. The faculty and classes are great, but the thing I look forward to most is catching up with my writing buddies. I want to hear about their successes and share mine as well.

On my tenth anniversary at SWA, I was asked to join the Board of Directors and happily agreed to serve. It was my way of giving back some of the support that had been lavished on me. Over the years, I served as President, Co-President, and Registrar with others who sacrificially gave of their time, talent, and funds to see that this annual conference would continue.

I say without reservation that had it not been for SWA, I would have abandoned my writing dream long ago. I certainly would never have published my first book, 13 Decisions That Will Change Your Life.

Amy Munnell has been a faithful writing buddy, editor, supporter, and listener from the first day we met. I met Debra Brown that first year and we have been friends ever since. In my tenure, we’ve said goodbye to many beloved writer friends, but we have also welcomed new ones. I have had the privilege of editing manuscripts, judging contests, being a Beta reader for others, plus providing funding for awards.

In the past, Southeastern Writers has produced some significant writing successes. Every year I witness more potential budding bestsellers coming through the gate at Epworth-by-the-Sea. Writers helping writers is a motto that Southeastern devotees take very seriously.

Lawrence Kasdan, famous screenwriter, producer, and director, said, “Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.”

That might sound scary to some. But a writer can’t imagine anything else. Thank you SWA for providing a writers’ haven of those who understand.

You will find Sheila’s book here: 

2015 marks the 40th Anniversary of SWA’s Workshop, June 19th-23rd 
on St. Simons Island, Georgia

This week we are featuring a publisher, CreateSpace

CreateSpace, an Amazon company, helps people independently publish & distribute books, music or films in physical or digital formats, A representative will meet with workshop attendees to answer questions, discuss book projects and discuss the ins and outs of self-publishing.

Here’s the faculty line up. 

Agent-in-Residence: Sorche Fairbank – Fairbank Literary Representation -   
Publisher: Maria McGaha – Dancing with Bear - 
Publisher: CreateSpace - 
Novel: C. Hope Clark - 
Nonfiction: Don Vaughn – 
Poetry & Flash Fiction: Chris Tusa - 
Young Adult: S.R. (Shelli) Johannes - 
Columns: Darrell Huckaby - 

Memoir: Dana Wildesmith - 

Please join us for the 2015 Southeastern Writers Association 40th Anniversary Workshop, June 19th-23rd 
on St. Simons Island, Georgia

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