Monday, May 5, 2014

Workshop Sneak Peek: Peggy Mercer - Poet, Children's Author and Songwriter

Peggy Mercer will be doing double-duty during the Southeastern Writers Workshop, June 13-17, 2014, teaching one session on Poetry and two on Writing for Children – Fiction and Nonfiction.  Peggy is an award winning poet, children's author and songwriter. Her book Peach: When the Well Run Dry won Georgia Author of the Year in 2011 for Children’s Mid-Readers. Peggy’s other books include Ten Cows to Texas, There Come A Soldier and a book of poems and songs, Grew Up Loving Elvis. Peggy is a music publisher and owns Peggy Mercer Music Publishing.  


If poetry washes over you with deep thoughts from the soul, you're invited to jump into a once in a lifetime "river" of profound learning about poetry with Peggy Mercer. and will touch on the formats of poetry through the ages, where ideas come from, what sets the great poets apart and how to get published in this fun and worthwhile field of writing.  Write a poem and see your name in print?  Write a poem for friends?  Write a book of poetry for the ages...all of these moments will be touched on with the poet Peggy. JUMP in and take a poetry bath!  

Writing for Children

Touching children for good...writing children's books the big publishers will love...writing books for the children in Japan as well as Georgia, do we get there from here?  From the idea, how does the subject of a children's story, the seed, become a story in book form, upper reader form, juvenile novel form, and where do the facts come in?  Writing for children in all it's weird, wacky, wild and fun glory will be touched on in Peggy's class on writing for children.  Come with an idea, leave with the know how to get the book published!  

So are you ready to join us?
There's still time!

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