Thursday, May 1, 2014

Workshop Sneak Peek: Manuscript Deadline is TWO WEEKS away!!

The Southeastern Writers Workshop, June 13-17, 2014, offers registered attendees ample opportunities to share their work and receive feedback or cash prizes.  And submission deadline is May 15!  The SWA Workshop is one of a few, if not the only, workshops that offer free manuscript evaluations and we offer THREE for FREE!

Manuscript Evaluation Categories (choose 3)

  • Poetry - Evaluator: Peggy Mercer 
  • Novel - Evaluator: Bob Mayer 
  • Short Fiction - Evaluator: C.D. Mitchell  
  • Nonfiction - Evaluator: Dahlynn McKowen
  • Juvenile - Evaluator: Peggy Mercer

See the full guidelines on the SWA website.

Pitch Your Book

In addition, our Agent-in-Residence Carlie Webber wants a 1-page query from Workshop attendees, submitted anonymously, but put your contact info and proof of registration in the body of your email. Write Query Evaluation in the subject line, attach the query to your email in a Word file and send to

15 Contests with CASH prizes

Attendees may enter any and all contests.  The full contest descriptions are here.  Submission guidelines can be found here.

  • The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel 
  • The Past Presidents’ Romance Award
  • The Edna Sampson Award of Excellence for The Best Novel by a First Time Attendee (Selected from entries to the Hal Bernard Memorial Award)
  • The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award 
  • The Microcosm Award  
  • Romantic Flash Fiction Award  
  • Lines of Worth Award  
  • The Julie L. Cannon Award 
  • The Bill Westhead Memorial Award 
  • The Angel Award for Holiday Seasonal Writing 
  • The ThomasMax “You are Published” Contest 
  • The Very Merrie Bosom Buddy Award 
  • The Dr. George L. Sheppard Memorial Award 
  • The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing 
  • The Cappy Award for Humor  

Submission Deadline is May 15! 
Open to Registered Workshop Attendees Only!
More Info and Registration on Our Website!

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