Monday, March 24, 2014

Workshop Sneak Peek: Dahlynn McKowen, Publishing Syndicate LLC

Joining us for the Nonfiction mini-workshop (June 14-15) of the SWA Writers Workshop, June 13-17, at Epworth-by-the-Sea on St. Simon’s Island, GA, Dahlynn McKowen is the CEO and publisher of Publishing Syndicate LLC. A publishing house based in Northern California, the company is responsible for many books, including the highly successful Not Your Mother’s Book anthology.  In 2012, Dahlynn launched the Not Your Mother’s Book (NYMB) anthology. With six books released thus far, there are another 25 under production, from dieting to dating to menopause. 

Prior to Dahlynn’s publishing foray, she spent 25 years as a freelance travel writer, author, ghostwriter and copyeditor. Since selling her first feature article in 1987, she has sold and published over 2,000 works including business features and travel articles. She has been referred to by Chicken Soup for the Soul founders as one of their most trusted coauthors, having worked from 1999 to 2009 with series creators Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and their staffs. 

Here's a peek at what Dahlynn has planned for us: 

Make Them Laugh!

The focus of this fun workshop will be on using humor in nonfiction anthology writing. Having spent 10 years at Chicken Soup for the Soul, Dahlynn’s new anthology series—Not Your Mother’s Book—does not accept death/dying, sad or sappy stories, only funny, entertaining and edgy stories. Also, she will offer insider tips on submitting to anthologies and talk about current publishing industry concerns (i.e., intellectual property and copyrights, libel, slander)…that is, if she and the group don’t get too wrapped up in the amusing part of the workshop! Each participant will also receive a silly memento. 

How to Get Your Nonfiction Work Published

Dahlynn and her husband Ken will co-lead this session.  With a combined 60 years in the publishing industry, the McKowens have a wealth of writing and publishing knowledge to share. This workshop will be a casual Q&A that will focus on getting your nonfiction work published. 

So are you ready to join us?
Space is limited!

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