Thursday, March 6, 2014

ReBlogs: Literary Terms Defined: The Uncommon and Common

In honor of "Throwback Thursday," we're featuring a timeless article by Chuck Sambuchino, who is a member of the 2014 SWA Writers Workshop faculty,  June 13-17, at Epworth-by-the-Sea on St. Simon’s Island, GA.

(from Writers In the Storm, Sept 11, 2013)

Working for Writer’s Digest Books, I come across a lot of literary terms — both the common and uncommon.

Because it’s healthy for writers of all levels to be familiar with terms they may come across in articles, conversations and contracts, here are some literary terms defined for your enjoyment.

Boiler plate contract (also known as a “standard contract”) – (n.) This term usually refers to an agreed starting contract between a literary agent and publisher. If Agent X sells a book to Putnam, for example, their next deal with Putnam will likely have the same royalty rates and subright splits as the first deal.

You can read the full article here and meet Chuck at the SWA Writers Workshop (details here)!

Writers In the Storm "are a group of  pro and published genre writers who critique and polish our work for submission. In the process, we’ve discovered the benefits of the unique perspectives and strengths we bring to the table."

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