Thursday, January 23, 2014

We are giving away CASH at the 2014 SWA Writers Workshop

Do You Write Fiction?

We have 6 strictly fiction contests!  You can enter them ALL!

The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel
- The first 10 pages (double-spaced)
- 1-page synopsis
- 1-paragraph "elevator pitch."
- Any genre, literary or mainstream

The Past Presidents’ Romance Award
- The first chapter and a five-page synopsis
- Romance novels only

The GT Youngblood Short Fiction Award
- Complete manuscript not over 3000 words
- Any genre, literary or mainstream

 The Microcosm Award
- Fiction of at least 100 and not more than 500 words

Romantic Flash Fiction Award 
- Romance Fiction - any subgenre except erotic permissible.
- Must be a complete story complete story in 1000 words or less.

The Bill Westhead Memorial Award
- Complete manuscript not over 3000 words
- For the best short story with a subject matter of an event occurring during the writer's childhood that shaped his/her life.

What About Nonfiction?

We have 4 contests seeking true stories!

The Very Merrie Bosom Buddy Award
- Nonfiction up to 750 words about your best friend. 
- This poignant true story must make the reader laugh and cry.

The Dr. George L. Sheppard Memorial Award  
- Nonfiction up to 750 words about a supportive sibling. 
- This poignant true story must make the reader laugh and cry.

The Award for Excellence in Inspirational Writing
- The piece may be religious or secular. 
- It should be wholesome and leave the reader with a “take away” message of encouragement, hope, comfort, fresh motivation, or renewed spiritual strength. 
- Complete manuscript not over 1500 words

The Cappy Award for Humor 
- Complete manuscript not over 1000 HILARIOUS words

Do You Write on Both Sides of the Aisle?

Yep.  We have 4 contests open to both kinds of writing!  And Poetry too!

The Angel Award for Holiday Seasonal Writing
- Short fiction, poetry or essays of 1200 words maximum about the holiday season.

The ThomasMax “You are Published” Contest
- Prize is publication and 25 copies of the book with no obligation to author.
- Manuscript may be submitted in full or only first three chapters.
- A complete synopsis (3 to 10 pages) should accompany all entries.  Approximate word count should be included with synopsis, preferably 40,00 to 90,000 words, fiction, non-fiction, or a collection of short stories.
- Other details are available at or send SASE to “You are Published,” P O Box 250054, Atlanta GA 30325

The Julie L. Cannon Award
- Writing which exemplifies the southern spirit preferably in a subtle, nuanced, and non-stereotypical manner
- 1,000 words or less
- Fiction or nonfiction, NO poetry

Lines of Worth Award 
- Each entry should be a collection of three poems, each up to thirty lines, not including the title. 
- Awards will be made to collections.

Check out all the Workshop news, 
submission guidelines & register on our website!

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