Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Round of Applause: Member News

Carl Glickman’s book, The Trembling Field: Stories of Wonder, Possibilities, and Downright Craziness, is available on in paperback and digital editions. Several of the stories and essays were entered in the 2012 SWA Summer Competition.  All proceeds will be donated to youth organizations serving children in poverty. 

Patrick Hempfing had his "moMENts" columns published in December issues of About Families, Memphis Parent, Suburban Parent and Irving Parent

The new magazine Screamin’ Mamas has accepted Erika Hoffman’s essay “Empty the Vacuum Cleaner” for its January issue and her story called “Valentine Resolution” for their February edition. Her pieces also appeared in the magazine’s November and December issue. In addition, Erika has a piece on the craft of writing humor - “What’s So Funny, Anyway?” - that is scheduled for publication in March’s edition of The Writer.  Finally, Erika received the good news that Page & Spine would like to publish her mystery entitled “Chew On That!”  She often finds homes for her personal essays so Erika is particularly excited to discover a paying venue for her fiction. 

We invite members to share news about their successes and activities so we can all join the celebration!

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