Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Through the years she was faithful and true,
Sweeping the floors every day or two.
She cleaned and swept and kept everything bright,
She hummed as she worked, dusting everything in sight.
When she was young she wore bright navy blue
And would eagerly work the whole day through!
Now she is old and her colors are faded,
And the years have made her completely outdated!
Now as she cleans she huffs and she puffs,
And it seems much harder to pick up the stuff.
But though she is slow and no longer hums,
She’s proud as can be that she even runs.
Many years have gone by and it’s really a sight,
But she’ll never give up ‘cause she’s a Hoover Upright!

~~ Kay A. Eaton

Kay is the author of two children's books: Gleason, the Christmas Giraffe, and Gleason and the Dewdrop's Dream.  She also serves as the secretary for SWA. Check out her website:

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